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Covering NY, NJ, E.PA, DE, MD and VA

Sigma Sales Corp represents lines who manufacture semiconductors: MCUs, Memory,

Wireless ICs, Audio and Video ICs, Connectivity, Video and Display Enhancement SOC

Solutions, Ethernet, USB and Serial Interface Solutions, POE Solutions, Discrete: Mosfets,

Diodes, Resistors, Capacitors and Power Mgmt ICs, LCDs, Touch Sensors Solutions, LEDs,

Frequency Control Products, Power Solutions DC-DC, EMI Filters, Combos, POLs, Hall

Effects, Passive Components: Inductors,Transformers and RJ45 Jacks, , Audio

Connectors, commercial and industrial headsets and noise cancellation microphones and

companies who provide engineering design services, component engineering services,

global sourcing and contract manufacturing services.